Growing stronger together

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps couples:

  • improve relationship satisfaction
  • deepen the sexual connection 
  • master conflict resolution

A therapist helps with identifying negative patterns and offers new tools, ideas and perspectives while monitoring progress, mediating conflict and giving objective feedback.

My work is based on The Developmental Model for couples therapy. For more information about it please see my blog post here.

What to expect

Couples therapy provides a safe space for exploration of problematic patterns. We start with examining what they are, why they happen and when they showed up in your relationship. I additionally provide ongoing psycho-education in sessions about attachment styles, developmental steps, communication tools and neurobiology.

We consider influences from the past that are impacting you in the present by bringing increased awareness to intra-psychic parts that are formed in a maladaptive way – before you even met.

The core of most sessions is talking about issues in a structured way that facilitates the growth of individuals in a couple and helps with the transition from one stage of a relationship to another. I also provide homework and relevant materials from which to learn.

Duration of therapy process

Most couples’ problems can be significantly improved within a few months of sessions spaced weekly or every other week.

Sessions and costs

Sessions work best when both partners are present but individual sessions can also be booked. Sessions are held via secure video chat.

  • Sessions for individuals are 50 minutes long and cost 100 €.
  • Sessions with more than one person are 90 minutes long and cost 150 €.

The fee is to be paid before the session.

I offer 50% discount for people who live in Ex-Yugoslavian countries and work with me via secure video chat.

Health Insurance

The German public health insurance system (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) does not cover my services. I am however certified as a “Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie” and my services are covered by some private insurances. Please confirm this with your individual insurer.

Cancellation Policy

Please provide 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your session. Without proper notice you will be required to pay for the missed session.

Benefits of Couples Therapy

  • quick and effective communication
  • better understanding of everyone’s needs
  • emotional safety in a relationship
  • more empathy and less selfishness
  • moving towards and enjoying benefits of emotional maturity
  • deepening sexual intimacy
  • feeling like you’re a successful team
  • more harmony with kids and parents
  • more room for individual needs outside the relationship
  • healing after an affair
  • moving towards an open relationship or conscious uncoupling if necessary

Issues Addressed by Couples Therapy

  • arguments filled with blame and defensiveness
  • feelings of not been seen, heard and understood
  • lack of sexual connection
  • feeling stuck, hopeless, distant and bored in your relationship
  • betrayal, infidelity or loyalty issues
  • conflict avoidance
  • imbalance in responsibilities
  • codependency
  • jealousy
  • transition to parenthood
  • different perspectives on raising kids, money issues, dealing with aging parents, etc.
  • improving negative work-life balance and burnout that affected the relationship
  • future planning
  • managing a crisis after one partner discovers they’re polyamorous
  • determining if you’re compatible and helping with conscious uncoupling if necessary
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