Let's talk about sex - so you can ENJOY a happier, healthier and empowering life.

Ana Morin    Sex Therapist, Berlin Germany

Ana Morin - Sex Therapist & Polyamory Cousellor

You can better understand, manage and enjoy your experience of sex – and have happier relationships.

Sex therapy builds a space to speak honestly and openly, without fear of judgment. My sessions (in person or online) are your time to unload your worries and get to the root of your current issues. You can learn effective skills needed to understand your relationship with sex and feel empowered to create a more satisfying sex life.

A key part of sex counselling is feeling connected and comfortable with your therapist. In our sessions, we’ll work together efficiently and compassionately. Once we understand your specific emotional triggers, we can develop effective strategies to break through blocks and help you meet your therapy and sexual goals.

Sex therapy is talk therapy. It never includes nudity, intimate touch or any sexual contact during therapy sessions. I will often give homework exercises for couples to do together between sessions.

Counselling will help you to navigate between competing drives to connect and to be a distinct and unique individual – whether you want to be in a monogamous or open relationship. This includes conversations about self-love, self-care and boundaries. Learn how to be generous without enduring things that you don’t want, but also about how to tolerate anxiety in order to grow. Shift your focus from vulnerability to flexibility.

For polyamory-related issues, I also offer group counselling: education about the ethical practice of consensual non-monogamy, common problems such as jealousy while addressing specific situation of each participant.

My office is at Immanuelkirchstr. 22
in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin DE.

  Ana Morin, HP Psychotherapy (HeilprG)

Sex Therapy

Specialized treatment of sex-related issues


Counselling for people who have or want more than one partner


Exploring sex- or relationship-issues in a small group format

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